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Experience of Driving in Bhutan

Red Rackham on the roads of BhutanIt has been a lifelong passion and aspiration to drive through the Himalayas West to East. In the winter of 2013, driving in the mystical Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan realized our dream partly. Indians are allowed to drive in their own vehicles into Bhutan with Indian Driving Licenses. We have […]

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Visiting Paro and Thimphu

Living close to this majestic kingdom, we have the opportunity to drive across this country. In this post we are sharing our experience of driving through Bhutan and visiting Paro and Thimphu area. We will cover the rest of the country in later posts. What you can see in Bhutan You can get to see […]

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Memorable Photos of our Travel

Memories of our travels captured in a frame to preserve them lifelong

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